Lucas Clark
The Edge of Dawn (reharm)

This is a reharmonization of Fire Emblem Three Houses's main theme. After completing the game at the beginning of 2020's COVID-19 pandemic, I decided I would reharmonize this song as a summer-long project, and I was able to get in touch with a vocalist and record/edit a liver version!

You can download a copy of the score here.

Dialogue in Solidarity

This piece is based off of a series of conversations I had with a friend of mine, and attempts to summarize what I got out of them, and how I felt when reading them. In this piece I experiment with meterless music, cross-staff piano notation, and feathered beaming.

I currently do not have a recording of this piece that I am happy with, but you can download a copy of the score here.

The Red Wheelbarrow

This is a choral piece that I wrote in the Fall of 2019. The text is a famous poem by William Carlos Williams that had just entered public domain. The piece was sung by my High School Chamber Choir, and I edited myself in playing the accompaniment. The piece highlights the dichotomy and interaction between the natural and the man-made as described in the poem.

You can download a copy of the score here.

Prelude to the Midnight Sea

This piece is the development of an improvisation I made over a week-long stay at a beach house in Carmel, California during the summer of 2019. In this piece I experimented with some more direct, programmatic instructions for the performer.

You can download a copy of the score here.